….. dan dia udah bener – bener gede sekarang…..

Beberapa hari yang lalu, Kyan dapet hadiah dari Om Panji… VCD nya Barney, The purple Dino. Besok nya Eca langsung ajak Kyan nonton VCD itu. Diputernya pake komputer kebetulan…jadi Kyan denger lagu nya lewat earphone punya papa. Kyan masih belum terlalu merhatiin gambar di layar komputer, tapi dia keliatan sangat tertarik dengan bunyi ( lagu ) yang terdengar dari earphone yang dipake nya.

Sekarang Kyan udah bisa duduk sendiri dalam waktu yang cukup lama. Malah belakangan udah mulai bisa merambat ke badan Eca ato Rika, minta digendong. Kyan juga udah mulai loncat – loncat…sekalinya udah posisi berdiri, ga mau deh dia duduk lagi.

Kyan juga udah kembali Eca kasi solid food. Kali ini Eca beruntung banget nemuin bubur beras untuk baby umur 4 buan keatas. Kebanyakan sebelumnya nemu yang 6 bulan keaas aja. Bubur biasanya Eca campur ama pisang yang dihalusin…and Kyan suka banget. Pup nya juga ga ada masalah sekarang. Senangnyaaaa……

( ini dia lagi dengerin lahu ‘I Love You’ nya Barney )

( makasi Om Panji )

Is my Baby Teething ?

When a baby begins teething, there is no set pattern on when it will begin, how long it will take and how painful it will be. For one baby cutting a tooth might happen overnight without pain, while another child might have to go through a long, drawn out and painful experience. You may sometimes visibly see a rise or lump in the gum for several weeks, while sometimes there may be no visible clue at all until the tooth actually appears.

The process of teething often follows hereditary patterns, so if the mother and father teethed early or late, your baby may follow the same pattern. On average the first tooth comes in during the seventh month, although it can arrive as early as three months, as late as a year, or in rare cases even earlier or later.

In total there are twenty primary (first) teeth, which is twelve less than the full set of thirty-two permanent teeth adults have. Most children have a full set of primary teeth by the time they are around two or three years old. These teeth usually last until about the age of six, when the teeth that were first to appear become loose and fall out as the second teeth begin to push through the gums. The primary teeth continue falling out until roughly the age of twelve. Again, these ages mentioned above are only averages and your child may follow an earlier or later pattern. The following is the most common pattern in which your baby’s teeth will usually appear.




6 to 7 months


Two central bottom & Two central top teeth.

7 to 9 months

Two more incisors

Top & bottom; making four top & four bottom teeth in all.

10 to 14 months

First molars

Double teeth for chewing

15 to 18 months


The pointed teeth or “fangs”

2 to 3 years

Second molars

The second set of double teeth at the back

The symptoms of teething vary from child to child. Because of these different experiences, parents and physicians often disagree as to the symptoms of teething and how painful it is. The list below shows symptoms that a teething baby may experience. While most parents usually agree that some or all of the symptoms below happened around the time of teething, it is still recommended that if your baby experiences any of these symptoms you check with your pediatrician to rule out other possible causes for the symptoms.

Irritability: As the sharp little tooth rises closer to the surface your baby’s gums may become increasingly more sore and painful, leading to your baby being very fussy. The pain and discomfort is most often worse during the first teeth coming in and later when the molars come in because of their bigger size. This is most often the case since babies become accustomed to the sensations of teething and learn to live with them. But you may find your baby may be fussy during the whole time that every tooth comes in. Every child reacts differently.

Drooling: From three to four months of age you may see your baby start drooling more often than normal. Teething stimulates drooling, which is often worse with some babies than others.

Coughing: The extra saliva can cause your baby to occasionally cough or gag. This is usually nothing to worry about as long as your baby seems fine and shows no signs of a cold or flu and does not run a high fever.

Chin rash: If your baby is a big drooler, the constant contact with saliva can cause the skin around the chin and mouth to become irritated. To help prevent this, gently wipe your baby’s mouth and chin periodically throughout the day.

Biting & gnawing: A baby that is teething will gnaw and gum down on anything she or he can get their mouth around. The counter pressure from biting on something helps relieve the pressure from under the gums.

Cheek rubbing and ear pulling: Pain in the gums may travel to the ears and cheeks particularly when the back molars begin coming in. This is why you may see your baby rubbing their cheeks or pulling at their ears. However, keep in mind that pulling at an ear can also be a sign of an ear infection.

Diarrhea: While this is a symptom that is disagreed upon by physicians, researchers and parents, most parents usually notice slightly looser bowel movements when a baby is teething. While the recent study done by the Children’s Hospital in Australia found this to be the most common symptom of teething, there are still many people that will agree and disagree with this recent study. It is believed that the most likely cause of this is the extra saliva swallowed, which then loosens the stool. Be sure and report any diarrhea to your doctor that lasts more than two bowel movements.

Low-grade fever: A fever is another symptom that doctors are sometimes hesitant to directly link with teething. But there are many parents who will disagree with this and find their baby gets a slight fever while teething. The best thing to do is be extra safe and notify your doctor if a fever last more than two days.

Not sleeping well: With teething pain happening during the day and night, you may find your child wakes more often at night when the pain gets bad enough. Most parents agree that the night waking happens more often during the first set of teeth and with the molars.

Cold like symptoms (runny nose, etc.): Some parents find that their baby will show signs of having a cold. Runny noses, coughing and general cold symptoms are believed to come from the baby having their hands in their mouth more often. Play it safe and always notify your doctor if symptoms such as this occur.

There are several things that you can try to help ease the pain of teething; some work and some don’t, but most parents agree they’re always worth a try. Teething rings, water filled and chilled rubber teething toys; mom and dads fingers can all provide counter pressure that can sometimes bring relief. Offering your baby a cold bottle of water can also help. If sucking on the bottle bothers your child, offer a cold cup of water. The water can also help replenish your baby’s fluid if they’re drooling a lot or have loose bowel movements.

Cold food has also been found to be helpful by some parents. Chilled applesauce, yogurt and pureed peaches may be more appealing to your baby and also more nutritious than a chilled teething ring.

When nothing else helps, you can also turn to the Infant Tylenol. Before giving your child Infant Tylenol (acetaminophen) always check with your doctor first. Your doctor will tell you if it’s all right and what the proper amount is to give your baby. Baby Orajel and other teething pain medicines that are applied to the gums can also provide some relief. Some parents say the Baby Orajel type products work great, while other parents will say it doesn’t. Also check with your doctor before giving this type of over the counter pain reliever to your baby.

The teething process will come and go just like so many other things with new babies. Keep trying different things until you find what provides the best relief for your child.

Note: Before trying any of the suggestions listed above or any other type of home remedy it is highly recommended that you contact your pediatrician first. You should follow your pediatricians advise first before trying anything mentioned on this site or on any other site. Your child’s doctor knows what is best for your child.


tante – tante cantikkkkk

Hari ini wiken lagi…Eca ada janji mau ketemu ama Tante, misan mama… Janjiannya di Orchard. Kyan udah pasti diajak juga… Tante ( Ik Lin : itu Eca panggil ) punya anak 3 cewe…cantik cantik deh…

Begitu ketemu Kyan langsung jadi rebutan mereka…and pastinya Kyan sama sekali tidak keberatan direbut 3 cewe cantik hehehe

Lihat lah dia yang begitu menikmati gendongan Tante – tante kecil nya yang cantik – cantik…

( ‘the little king’…raja minyak hahahaha )

Are you going to cry or not?

Kyan hari ini diimunisasi lagi…dosis ke tiga DPT and POLIO nya. Pagi – pagi Eca udah mulai siapin perlengkapan nya. Sekitar jam 9 lebih dikit Eca berangkat. Kali ini dengan stoller and gendongan dibawa – bawa, soalnya mau beli makan sekalian ke Tampenis Mall.. biar Kyan juga enak, kali nanti ngantuk kan bisa bobo di stoller, and mama nya juga enak hehehe 🙂

Ngantri nya ga lama… karena masih pagi, jadi masih sepi. Begitu tiba giliran nya, Kyan baru aja bangun. Perawat yang bakal suntik udah pernah ketemu kami sebelumnya. Dia yang ngasih dosis pertama DPT Polio 2 bulan lalu. Setelah beberapa pertanyaan wajib, perawat mulai pasang ancang – ancang dengan suntikan di tangan. Eca masih aja deg – degan euy…

Saat itu di ruangan kebetulan ada dokter yang lagi mau disuntik juga…jadi dia nungguin ampe kami selesai. Akhirnya masuklah jarum suntik itu ke paha kanan Kyan… siap – siap denger nangis nya nih… eh kok ga nangis? Obat mulai disuntikin… belum nangis juga… Jarum dicabut…belum nangis… Kasih kapas dingin…ga juga… Eca teken kapas nya…belum nangis juga, meringis pun tidak. Kyan kamu tau ga sih tadi disuntik? atau kamu mati rasa nak? Kami bertiga…Eca perawat and dokter yang ada di ruangan itu sempet menunggu moment of truth ( kyan nangis ) itu beberapa saat, ternyata memang tidak terjadi… Ampe si perawat ngomong dengan nada Singlish nya, ‘Are you going to cry or not?’ hahahahaha… Si dokter pun ga ketinggalan ngasih komentar…’Wahhhh soooo strong’ , kata si dokter…

Setelahnya Eca and Kyan diminta nunggu di luar 10 menit…kalo ga ada apa – apa boleh pulang. Kami keluar, sambil nunggu Eca ngecek buku Kyan…ehhh POLIO nya belum. Balik deh segera ke ruangan tadi…trus kata perawatnya…dia lupa, untung Eca yang inget. Kyan akhirnya dikasih imunisasi Polionya…yang ini bentuknya obat tetes, jadi masuk lewat mulut. Sebelum ngasih perawat nya bilang, ‘ Ok baby..open your mouth. Don’t you cry for this one… coz just now you didn’t cry’

Kyan… Kyan… Superkyan…

(udah bisa duduk beberapa saat tanpa dipegang)

(yang ini lagi nonton kartun)

5 bulan… cepet nya

Kyan hari ini udah 5 bulan. Makin besar dia makin tau apa yang dia mau. Hahaha… sekarang dia lagi suka teriak – teriak. Tidur nya juga udah mulai bergaya. Miring, meluk guling, telungkup… mace, – macem deh. Ngambek nya juga TOP BGT deh. Apa yang dia mau, harus diturutisegera… kalo ga pasti dia teriak – teriak. Kyan makin lucu… makin banyak and beragam ekspresi muka yang dia tunjukin. hihihihi…

ga kerasa ya….

( yang ini sih dia lagi ‘terbius’ bobo…. )

he’s growing sooooo fast

Lama juga ga posting… kebetulan ada tante yang dateng, jadi rada jarang buka internet. trus belakangan ga enak badan mulu, jadi males juga untuk online.


Ada apa dengan Kyan?

Banyak hal yang ga baru banget tapi makin mantep dia lakuin…

Udah bisa duduk tanpa dipegang… ga lama, tapi 20 – 30 detik lumayan lah.

Mulai minta – minta duduk juga di stroller nya.

Udah mulai gatel gusinya

Udah bisa mulai merangkak… kadang maju kadang mundur.

Udah  bisa pegang botol susu sendiri… and ngenalin susu nya. bisa minta 🙂

Rambutnya nambah gondrong and funky

Cepet banget ya… bentar lagi dia 5 bulan… Kyan Kyan…

Oiya, Kyan udah bisa ngambek… ngambek berat hahahaha….apalagi kalo dicuekin.